Ascension Atlas

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This is a portal of higher education with an alternative, holistic approach to learning.  We study ancient and modern esoteric knowledge from around the world and distill it into a simple, universal structure. 
This structure is called the Ascension Atlas.
The Ascension Atlas is an evolving spiritual resource archive that unites timeless knowledge and emergent universal patterns into a profound, cohesive, flexible philosophy to self mastery and spiritual growth. 
The Atlas is designed for self directed, free thinking individuals who wish to trailblaze their own path to objective truth.
This is a roadmap that empowers and inspires you to research and experiment with spiritual theories in order to reach applied understanding, rather than blindly put our faith into an invisible, unquestionable doctrine.  It is the beginning of an unprecedented era of accountable spiritual science, where we seek only to know and share pure truth.
As we discover more of the unknown through scientific application, the Atlas's fractal structure seamlessly integrates consistent, peer-reviewed observations into the original framework of understanding.
We have made a life long commitment to researching and obtaining clear facts on the most controversial spiritual concepts, such as:
Lucid Dreaming

Energy Healing

Out of Body Experiences
Psychic Abilities

Sacred Geometry
Law of Attraction (The Secret)
The Existence & Nature of Spiritual Beings
and much more...


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