Ryan Boyd

Urban Mystic, Intuitive Mentor, VR Developer

Growing up with latent intuitive abilities and a smoldering curiosity for unanswerable questions, I have always gravitated towards the process of understanding reality in a spiritual context.  After a series of mind-expanding events that changed my perception of life forever, I began my journey of self mastery in adolescence, developing my intuition, critical thinking, self reflection and divergent contemplation. 
I found many answers through the practices of meditation and astral projection, which I feel have brought me closer to my own definition of enlightenment.  I am now at a point in my life where I feel an overwhelming love for all living beings that needs to be acted upon.  
I consider the expression of my personal truth and the empowerment of every individual to be my highest joy.  I wish to share what I have learned with others and act as a mentor for the awakening visionaries who are to be the pioneers of the global consciousness shift currently taking place. 
I am a faculty member of New Earth University's School of Consciousness & Spirituality, as well as the Chief Editor of New Earth Media.  As an independent Virtual Reality developer, I'm exploring new methods of holistic design & education through experience-oriented, immersive mediums.
In my 1-on-1 sessions, I offer clarity and understanding that empower you to find your own truth.  Facilitating Ascension Atlas is a part of my life's work, and I intend to support its unfolding so that all may benefit.  I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery.
"The Urban Mystic works in secret, acting as an antibody in the bloodstream of humanity and religion. Rather than avoiding the world, this being chooses to function and thrive within it while not being influenced by it. Not caught in duality, this mystic remains aware of multiple dimensions of reality. The Urban Mystic observes suffering alongside beauty and compassion. This being takes discordant city noises with the same peace as nature's song while still having preferences. This being lives poised between the worlds, aware of the Reality beyond opposites, awake and connected to the Source no matter what form the moment takes." ~ Rosamonse Ikshvaku Miller
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