Welcome to Ascension Atlas, the landing page for the ever expanding, all encompassing holographic map of our universe. 
The purpose of this website is to act as a virtual nexus for the development and practice of a self-directed spiritual learning culture which encourages a holistic approach to supplement the worldview of conscious individuals. 
It is the beginning of a new tradition for humanity, transcending limited, fear based belief systems while embracing an interconnected, evolutionary lifestyle.
The Ascension Atlas is a boundless sacred text which is always changing based on experience and research rather than dogma.  Your participation is paramount in this multiverse-wide excavation into the foundations of truth. 
In essence, what we intend to discover & share is the nature and practice of Ascension.
Many have been told to believe that Ascension is an event.
Ascension is not an event, it is a lifestyle that we choose.
It is not rising to a formless dimension, nor is it a purification of 'unholy aspects'.
Ascending is a way of being, an ever expanding awareness of our true nature.  It is returning to our natural state in the eternal present moment, which is constantly evolving. 

This Atlas provides a set of clear principles and flexible practices which support us on our grand journey into profound self awareness.  Our simple synthesis of  ancient wisdom and modern innovation was created as a way to raise collective awareness to untold vistas, and empower the lifestyles of those who choose to engage with their true nature.
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