Spiritual Services

If you're looking for metaphysical guidance, training, counselling or healing,  I offer a variety of spiritual services in order to keep my focus on the creation of the Ascension Atlas.  My methods and techniques are always evolving as I continue to advance my own abilities and understanding, so as you explore these concepts with me over an extended period of time, we will both ascend to new heights in our respective journies.  In our sessions, the client and I both play the roles of student and teacher, because every individual journey is different and holds a unique perspective that can glean unseen wisdom.


The prices I offer are fairly modest compared to other spiritual practicioners.  This is because I believe this knowledge should be widespread for the least amount of income, but when an individual pays for these teachings they are more likely to value what they are receiving and actually follow through with learning and applying this wisdom.


I also consider this to be my life's work and have put a lot of time and effort into learning and developing these modalities.  You are gaining much more than you are putting in, so remember to show gratitude, not to me, but to the Universal Source that has used this vessel as a catalyst for your own self discovery.  In order to get the most out of this experience, please be diligent on your spiritual journey, and develop your own understanding to a point where you can use your gifts and knowledge for the benefit of others.