Being an avid astral explorer for 6 years, I have awakened extrasensory awareness and learned many energy work methods that have been of great aid in a variety of situations.  I now wish to extend that aid to you.  All of the energy generated from these techniques originate in my own aura or from the Universal Source.  I do not work with any entities other than the Source, the angels and my Higherself.  I only wish for each Soul to know and freely express their truth for the highest good of all, and my energy work supports this intention.

Aura & Chakra Alignment

I am able to observe many aspects of your energy field, and with your permission, I can delicately work with your chakras to ensure harmonic resonance with your whole system.  I will also give you practical tips on how to balance your chakras in a variety of ways.  I will never move anything in your energy system without your full awareness and consent beforehand.


30$ per session (15 Minutes-1 Hour)

Energetic Protection

I will work with Reiki and my personal energy to create a spiritual barrier around you or your loved ones to ensure that you can consistently hold a sacred space free from spiritual harm, manipulation, or abstract influence.  I can also sever attachments to thoughtforms and entities which no longer serve your highest good.


25$ per session (5-20 Minutes)

Free protection tune up


Crystal Work
House Clearing

I will cleanse, charge, and align your crystal companions so that they are vibrating at a pure and natural state.  I can also create crystal grids which play a symphony of positive vibrations in unison, bringing positivity and intention into your home or sacred space.  Crystals can be very effective in creating a variety of harmonious energetic environments.


10$ for a full crystal tune up (per 5 crystals)

20$ per crystal grid

40$ per custom crystal grid (I will buy all the crystals)

With the assistance of the ancient arts of Reiki and Smudging, I will clear unwanted, abstract energy from your home.  I will go through a process of feeling the energy of every room in the house to understand what dynamic is in place, and I will release any spirits attached to the home or the habitant that are not serving their highest good.  I then apply a variety of supplementary cleansing methods combined with visualization and prayer to bring the home back into a balanced state.


40$ per session (1-2 Hours)

Free follow up visit