One of my biggest passions in life is helping people find authenticity, self awareness, and personal truth.  The feeling that arises when I see someone's eyes light up out of revelation is the most fulfilling sensation in the world.  I am filled with joy when I am able to give someone the opportunity to step into the freedom they've always deserved.


I invite you to give yourself that opportunity today.



 Spiritual Intuitive Counseling


50$ per hour

200$ per month

250$ per month face to face 



- Develop a mentor relationship with an experienced spiritual coach.

- 1 hour Skype, Google Hangout, or Zoom sessions.

- Up to 7 hours a week in the monthly package. (limited availability)

- Priority facebook access to any questions you have.

- Advice and guidance on all of your spiritual inquiries and issues.*


(I am not claiming to know everything, but I can at least point you in the direction that resonates most with your soul path at the time of our meeting.)



Astral Projection Training


30$ per hour



- An in depth explanation of the astral plane and astral body.

- An astral exercise routine that will balance and energize you in order to prepare you for astral projection.

- A description of astral wildlife, entities, and a variety of other astral phenomena.

- Multiple astral projection techniques to choose from.

- A variety of book reccomendations on the subject of astral travel.

- Advice, tips, and tricks for the safest, most effective astral voyage.


(I'm not here to convince you of whether astral projection exists, please don't come to me with the intention of being persuaded.)


Lucid Dreaming Training


15$ per hour



- An explanation revealing the nature of the dream reality and how it is significant.

- A step by step process on how to begin lucid dreaming

- Advanced lucid dreaming techniques that will help you explore your dream with complete freedom.

- A weekly plan which may induce lucid dreaming


(Within 2 weeks after our session, if you follow my instructions, you will have at least one lucid dream. You can have a full refund if this does not occur.)