I have worked with many individuals from all walks of life seeking healing and guidance.  They have all had a diverse array of challenges and inquiries, allowing me to gain a great deal of experience from our shared time together.  This is what they have to say about my process of guidance and treatment.
Mel Booysen
Founder of P.A.R.A - Paranormal Activity Research Australia

"The journey to healing and finding myself has been both terrifying and the most beautiful time of my life.  Beginning that journey with continued help from Ryan has been a decision I will eternally thank my soul and him for. 


'Ryan's wise, gentle and intuitive approach to my personal journey has at many times acted as an anchor and a compass when I felt lost amongst my own inner shadows.  I have felt challenged, inspired and honoured to work with this soul. 


Through his guidance I was able to release old thought patterns that no longer served my highest good, and most importantly, find the strength to walk a new found path of self love in full awareness of my own ability to achieve my dreams.  I would not hesitate in recommending Ryan to anyone needing his guidance and healing."


Félix Gibeau
Reiki Practitioner
from Quebec, Canada

"I've been struggling with a difficult psychosis for over a year that ruined my root chakra.  I've done a lot of energetic work with many healers until I met Ryan through Facebook, which made my life so much easier!  He definitely operates from a space of unconditional love and the mastery he's achieved goes far beyond that!  Among all healers I've worked with, he is the only one I believe who has truly awakened his Kundalini. 


I was skeptical at my first distance healing session but that didn't last.  I believe everyone who is serious about their healing could REALLY benefit from his treatments or even just a couple of his counselling sessions (that sometimes reveal a little too much wisdom).  My kundalini is now awakened and thriving and Ryan definitely played a big role in it!  Even though there are times where he could be more punctual, I reccommend him to everyone!"

Brittany Ashby
from St. Louis, USA

"Ryan is an incredible soul, who's humble wisdom and Reiki, gently and powerfully, permeated through my life. Unconditional love radiates from his spirit, and it really helps to set the mood of the consultation or session at ease, right from the beginning.


When Ryan performs Reiki, it is very powerful and focused, and is always intended for your highest good. In addition to the Reiki, Ryan shares what he has learned through the session, and what he has done with the Reiki for your benefit.


With the consultations, Ryan's words are golden. He answered all of my questions, and the advice that he shares is very practical and applicable, leaving me with really wonderful tools to continue my growth and expansion, far after our session has ended.


After my consultation and sessions, I can honestly say that the mechanics of my thinking has taken a really beautiful shift. I have explored a number of programs and teachings from different spiritual perspectives, and I can honestly say that Ryan's perspective has resonated with me more than any other, and I have felt better afterwards than I have with any other.


I am incredibly grateful for my consultation and sessions, and I know that he can be of assistance to you."

Aaron Meileiac
Alchemist & Founder of Manifest Destiny Triforce

"The young man known as Urban Mystic to some and Ryan Boyd to others is a fantastic and upcoming young future leader of Earth.  Through his many notable skills his best work comes when dealing with spiritual practices and mysticism. 


He is no lazy bum when it comes to what he learns and then gives back to the world.  In many cases he has dove as far as one can possibly go in all areas of information and planes of current existence.  Be sure to watch this one here, we have a star in the making."